Only ONE more day to go to Azul Wasi Tamar Cycle Challenge

29 06 2020
Only ONE more day to go before the 10 day Azul Wasi Tamar Cycle Challenge starts on Wednesday 1st July.  So anyone still wishing to donate & enter the daily stage time predictions ( which is optional) for a chance to win a prize from Cusco needs to do so by 23.59 on 30th June.  You can still donate during the challenge but won’t be able to win a prize. A short update video Tom, attached or see here
Donations can be made at :
PLEASE send an email to Tom after donating to make the predicted times the email address is on the Just giving site. You’ll then be sent the form by email to complete with your time predictions. There are also details of the challenge route on the just giving site information.
See event here for more information :

More info :

If you don’t recognise the bloke cruising across the alti plano, you may possibly identify him having been magnificently captured, styling in Dundee back in 2006. Still not sure?
It is of course Tom Jolly of GlobalEd, our go-between who helps out with our link to Azul Wasi. Why, you’ll now be wondering, should we be popping these images onto our site?
With life as we know it now closed down across our regions and beyond, lives of course at Azul Wasi go on. Latin Quarter has been consistently supporting the boys for nearly two decades now, support that has been vital in providing the much needed funds that a programme of this importance requires. That support, through salsa events and classes, as you will all be aware are now and for the foreseeable future on hold.
Tom has always thought of himself as a hidden hand who occasionally pops up at a Latin Quarter extravaganza where the real hard work happens thanks to the salsa fraternity of South East Scotland. With that in mind it’s time for him to get back on his bike and see what he can do to help.
Tom is planning to not literately cycle to Cusco, but, Covid 19 restrictions considered, he will use and repeat 20 times the long ride out of the Tamar Valley in Devon/Cornwall (a rise of 150metres above sea level) to achieve an accumulated vertical distance of 3000m, the altitude in the part of the Andes Azul Wasi calls home.
More details will be explained in a week or so with a short video, but the outline is:
· 10 stages comprising 2 laps of route giving a 300m altitude gain (including what would be a ‘Cat 4 climb’ in any of Europe’s Gran Tours)
· Challenge dates: 1st – 10th July 2020 – 10 consecutive days with a total altitude gain of 3000m, the altitude of the Azul Wasi home in the Andes
· Registered supporters have a chance each day to win a lovely prize all the way from Peru by accurately predicting daily stage times
· Daily stage footage will be available. All results published by end of July 2020.
Registration OPEN NOW Until the end of June.  Also see Salsa Dundee – Latin Quarter Facebook group,
Thank you



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