LQ Meet the Bee Keeper

17 11 2020

Our third Charity LQ Meet the … series event is on Tuesday 24th November at 8pm with Meet the Bee Keeper with Colin.

This talk will cover the many types of bees – solitary and social, and their importance as one of the main pollinators.   The honeybee – an overview of their world – genders, lifespans, mating, egg laying and development, nectar/pollen gathering, swarming, diseases, pests.   Basic beekeeping – the clothing, equipment, hive types, the seasons.  Honey! Stings!   

To book a space for the 40 min ZOOM talk, email LQsalsadundee@gmail.com by Sunday evening for details about how to donate and the zoom link.  Please share to pass the word if you can.

Suggested donations for the zoom events are £ 4 – £5 each, but if people want to donate less or more that’s fine.  We’re aware people are all in different circumstances financially at present.    As usual all donations go to the Azul Wasi project in Peru.  



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