On2 Salsa workshop with Yuno – Tues 11th Feb

24 01 2020
Guest Teacher Yuno will be teaching a Salsa On2 taster workshop at Latin Quarter, Deaf Hub classes on Tuesday February 11th at 7.20pm for £5 ( cash only). This workshop is open for anyone who already has the basics of On1 Salsa dancing ( which is what we do on tuesdays in Deaf hub salsa classes),  ie. cross body lead, CB inside turn,  titanic etc. Cuban salsa dancers also welcome to try.   Workshop not for total beginners to Salsa.
Salsa on2, also known as New York Mambo, is a form of crossbody style salsa which originated in New York in the 1970s and is popular in many cities around the world today. This 1-hour taster workshop will show you the difference between on1 and on2 timings through basic steps and simple moves.
It’s always good to learn more about timing and different styles of salsa dancing, as this will enhance your dancing skills overall.  Hope you can come along to support Yuno’s love and enthusiasm for On 2 salsa, it’s a great class !



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