Upcoming LQ events & classes

12 05 2019
The next Latin Quarter Social is Friday 14th June at the Blackwatch Club, more details to follow soon.
LAST WEEK to JOIN the NEW Beginners cross body salsa class at Deaf Hub this tuesday at 6.15pm. £30 for 9 weeks. Come 10 mins early to register if you can, see www.salsadundee.com for details.

LA Style Salsa workshop THIS TUESDAY– with Lorenzo & Sarah.

Lorenzo Milani is a teacher/dancer from Italy
7.15pm @ The Deaf Hub- Tuesday 14th May,  £5, pay on night.
Class suitable for Improver level ( or above) Salsa dancers ( usually 6 to 12 months salsa dance experience) , no beginners please.
 3 week Conversion course – Cross body salsa to Cuban Rueda starting on Tuesday 21st May at 8.15pm at the Deaf hub – £4 per class.   This short course is for anyone who dances at least at improver level Cross body style salsa (or cuban/ rueda) (this is usually around 6 months cross body style or other salsa experience). Not suitable for beginners.
The conversion 3 week course will provide the necessary skills to convert to Cuban salsa technique and Rueda moves to allow people to join the Deaf Hub Improver/ Intermediate Cuban Rueda class ( at 8.15p on tuesdays ) after the 3 week course, if attended in full.
The classes are also suitable for individuals who attend other Cuban dance/ rueda classes as there may be some differences in move names / sequences so the course will allow you to learn enough to join the tuesday Rueda group.   Any queries to LQsalsadundee@gmail.com.



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